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You enter a long hallway made of stone and metal. As you slowly walk down the long corridor the silence is almost deafening. The only sound is of your hard sole boots tapping on the smooth stone floor. Every few moments a clash of thunder and a streak of lightning echos the walls from outside.
You approach a set of massive doors. As you reach to open them, by some unknown means, they open slowly. Within you see a barely lit room with a great throne sitting on the opposite end. Sitting in wait a dark figure wearing crimson robes stands. His face is masked by shadow, though his blood red eyes seem to peer from under his cowl. Standing in lines along the path to the throne are more of his kind, each wearing similar attire with subtle personal changes.
Sith, hunters, assassins, and the like all stand looking toward you. Inwardly you ask why they stare so?
As if he could read your mind, the throne figure speaks out, "They await to know the answer." he pauses as he descends the dais
 his throne sits upon. "Are you guest or are you recruit?"

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bannon78, May 23, 12 2:49 PM.
Hey guys i know its been awhile since you have heard from me or rhaz, tbh with you all i hate TOR it is to me nothing but a button mashing no fun game lol. Rhaz had to move and is with out internet, but i was told that there is a SWG NGE emulator coming out hopefully by the end of the year, i know for myself i will be very interested in this, i loved SWG and the guild Rhaz and I built there was one of the strongest, if anyone is interested plz get ahold of me here or at im also on facebook but because of certain things i have done my fb is very private if you have one and would like for me to add you let me know on here. I think that if we go back to SWG we can once again become one of the strongest guilds in that game. And for that game Rhaz and I would be co- guild leaders while everyone here that has a guild officer title would remain the same. So plz if you have any questions look me up i will be checking this forum site every day. Thanks Bannon

SWTOR wiki

bannon78, Feb 18, 12 5:57 PM. this is the link to the swtor wiki if you need info you can take a look at this site
may the force serve you well
Darth Bannon
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